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I did find around 2-3 lbs of lobster mushrooms over the weekend. I first found them last year around the end of August. Most of the ones I did find were pretty dry. Its been very dry where I usually find them. I assume that their season is a long one and will probably be popping/parsitizing this whole month if we get anymore rain. Anyone else hunt these often? Or is anyone else familiar with how long the growing season lasts?
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I found about the same amount of Lobsters last weekend near Minocqua. Also found about 20 Chanties. I suspect that the timing is about right. I typically find the most around Labor Day.
Any one starting to find honeys in central wisc.
I was out today in Marathon County (arid for the past 3 weeks) and found one small Hericium that I left to grow and some Russula but no Honeys yet. I found only a few last year and the big outcropping of just about all fall species started to happen around Labor Day and beyond last year. I did hear a report that the Hens were starting to show in south central Minnesota, but I have been checking my spots and there is no growth at all yet.

To Dane Steve I was up to Minocqua on Aug 9 and 10 and had a pretty good haul of Lobsters within 2 hours. A liitle more than 14 lbs. Although after cleaning and trimming the actual was more like 11 lbs. (some were 1 lb. a piece). The next weekend I found only 2 Lobsters and quite a large haul of Boletes.

Found about 20 honeys yesterday and 10 today.
Hi all, i'm thinking about heading up to the Eau Claire area for some hen and lobster hunting over Labor day. Any opinions on whether it will be worth the 14 hr round trip from KC?

Good luck ShroomMates!
I can't speak for the Eau Claire area but we did have a lot of rain here in Marathon County over the past week and found 3 Hens today. About 30 lbs worth for 3 Hens. Good Luck!
Found lots of honeys. Whats the key to finding hens I here they are great but cant seem to find them
Thanks for the insight guys! I am really looking forward to a road trip! Wish I could leave right now! Honeys, Lobsters, and Hens, Oh MY!

Good luck ShroomMates!
Hey do you guys have chiggers up in Wisconsin? A friend said they don't have them in Michigan I was hoping the same was true of WI.
Hey Hed,

I do a lot of foraging in Marathon county and Minocqua area too. I had a bad year for lobsters, but did great on hedgehogs. I'll be going out this weekend for hens, which is a bit earlier than normal years. Have you gotten any kings this year? I've not had any, but ended up getting into a nice flush of bicolor boletes in July to make up for it.

The Lobsters were a couple weeks early this year for me in Minocqua area. I found one tiny hedgehog this last weekend. I was actually in Minocqua area over the weekend and as far as mushroom hunting was concerned, it was terrible. Our family came home Sunday and I quick ran to check a known hen spot, zero. I had some extra time and went to a new spot and found six on one tree but they were all old and moldy.What a bummer! I have not found any King Boletes but did find a Russells Bolete and many Bi-colored. Do you or anyone else know which of the bi-colored are edible? I've been looking on line and heard that the ones that stain fast can cause severe gastrointestinal upset. The ones that turn slowly (10 seconds or more) are the edible variety. And when do you normally start finding Kings? I have found them quite late in the year but not normally this early. Good luck! I hope your hen hunt went well!

I found my first Kings today. Some were actually a bit old but most were good. I got 11 and left about 5 that were buggy.
Kings what? Bolete? YUM Im going this weekend after all these storms hopefully it will be good!!

You have the right description on bicolors. The bicolors I find have a more bulbous stem and I can't remember the latin name for them off hand. There is a big difference in the speed w/ which they stain blue. The inedibles turn blue as soon as you touch them and bicolors don't. Sometimes it takes over 20 minutes to see any bruising.

I find kings from mid summer through fall. The fall kings are best as they are much less buggy. Look around mature hemlocks. Old growth woods are best.

Feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected] I check that email much more frequently than this site.
I did not find any Lobsters at Eagle River but got five nice birch Bolitus last week.
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