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Looking For Buyers

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I am looking for buyers for the upcoming 2015 season. I plan to sell most of my morels. I plan on the price of 20 bucks per pound. My area is Nebraska. If you are interested please leave your name/number so I can contact you when I have the mushrooms ready! Thank you!
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ShroomKIng, How much poundage do you average a year? I live in NW Mo. and we might be able to work something out. . I have been selling morels for over 40 years. Hard to price ahead of time. Your 20 might prove to be to low or to high. What part of Neb. are you in?
I'd like to purchase some Morels. I've never tried them myself, but have friends that rave about them. I love most any mushroom, so hope to be able to finally try some.

Thank you!

ShroomKing1993, I would like 5 lbs. If you are on PM me. Thanks, Veronica
V and G when I go to morel hunters board I get a RIP page with no option to go to the message boards. Do you get the same picture?
Thanks guys I am from Central Nebraska I live in Aurora. I plan to find plenty of mushrooms this season. I will update frequently and I would be willing to travel and maybe meet you half way if you live out of state.
Hey all, the RIP page is a temporary tribute to a great man in the field of morels. He passed this morning. I am pretty sure the pages will be back tomorrow. But Veronica is probably referring to the Facebook Morel Hunters board as I have seen her post there. Hi Veronica!

Good luck ShroomMates!

I'm in need of quantity so please text me at 8-2-887-1198
I am not on facebook. Just I just joined the Arkansas and Missouri Mycological Societies. We went on a foray in Arkansas yesterday and my husband and I found 15 blacks and 17 half frees. OMG! They were yummy. it was our first time trying them and I am glad we waited for fresh. I would like as many as you can find. my email is [email protected] Please email what you are finding right now. I have the fungi fever now. lol Veronica
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