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Looking for some help Marseilles, Ottawa area

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I am fairly new to this (2 years hunting) and am looking for some advice. I am willing to share a few spots that I have found morels so far, as well as my access to private land if anyone is willing to show me some tips and share some advise. I am located in Marseilles,IL and am looking to go hunting this weekend or in the evenings once they start popping up.

Please let me know.
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Its going to be a bit 1-2 wks maybe. Your ground temps should be around 50-55. Dead elms, Ash and Cottonwoods are your bests bets. Hope this helps.
I'd be happy to come up and help. You will be a week or two behind me.
Old Henry -

When people say ground temps should be 50-55 are they talking about top soil, 4" under or 8" under? Also is this average, Minimum or maximum?

I did some research and over the last week here are the averages

Top Soil: Min - 53.9 Max - 57.9 Total 55.3
4" Under Min - 53.5 Max - 57.2 Total 54.6
8" Under Min - 49.6 Max - 51.9 Total 49.98

Total Average of all three calculations: 53.3 Degrees


Just let me know when you would be available.

Thank you
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