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Discussion in 'Washington' started by nolansmommy87, May 7, 2014.

  1. nolansmommy87

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    I live in Yelm WA and I am having no luck. Looked through the trials at Meridian Park in Lacey, and looked at another location in Olympia that someone had posted about previously (trails). No luck. I have 5 acres of property and haven't seen a single one. Getting really bummed thinking I won't find any! Just moved to Washington from Tennessee and I was stoked to move here because I heard the mushrooms were great here! Any help on a location in my area would be great!
  2. thefarmerman

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    Hey ..looking west of the cascades is almost pointless... you have to hit the mountains or river bottoms... on the east side ...and they are just really starting....the majority of morels found over here on the west side are in landscape areas ....!and some logged areas or land recently developed...I live near Shelton myself ...and just gearing up to hit the mountains myself.

  3. indytransplant

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    Hello, right now the morels are pretty much done down in the lowlands. Yes there are places like landscape areas, (bark), but usually once they fruit in a particular area, they are done. I did find 6 yellows for the first time this year in my spot I usually find verpas.Other than that, do what thefarmerman suggests.