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Looking to Buy Fresh Morels

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I will pay $30/lb for fresh morels, + shipping to NC. Is anyone out there interested in hooking me up. I use to find bushels of them in WI but now live in NC. Over the past 5 years of diligently looking I have found a total of 6. Yes, just 6 and trust me it is not from a lack of trying. So Please anyone, I need my Morel Fix. LOL :wink:
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I'll be going out this weekend and will let you know how it goes. Tell Lincolnton, Hi.
Have a older brother out there for about 30 some years, he loves the area. Spent some time around R D area years ago,i like the weather there.
Awesome!! Yes, the weather is pretty nice here. I haven't met Lincolnton but if I happen to run into him, I will surely tell him Hi! :wink: Good Luck hunting this weekend. I hope you find the Mother Load. LOL
i'll send a pound out for 40 plus ship if you would like i just picked a beautiful batch yesterday and they are well trimmed clean beautiful mushrooms let me know if your interested or not thanks :)
what part of nc do u live in I could poss supply u with what u want plus personaly deliver them or meet somewhere as I live n va about 2 hr from boone area and about 4 half to 5 from Greenville area but your price would have to improve
Funnyguy 3721, do you have a paypal account? Stone Mtn: How much of an improvement are you looking for?
I live in Southern Illinois and I have been finding pounds upon pounds. If you are serious about shipping some my email address is [email protected] (all lower case) I will ship as much to anyone who is willing to pay $25 per lb + shipping. I will be on after while as well. I am going to hit the river bottoms all day today. Good luck to all who is hunting today. THEY ARE UP AND SCREAMING TO BE PICKED :)
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