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Madison County

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Anxious to hear about the first morels found in Madison county. Feel free to join my post. I've got the fever so did go out to a few places yesterday that I found a few dozen last year at, just checking. Hopefully they will be poppin' in the next couple weeks. I will let you know when I find my first one. Good luck hunting everyone!
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Sorry, Can't figure out how to get my iphone pics on here! Found a couple pounds of big yellows, and good sized greys today, along with some smaller greys. Were in the same spot about 3 days ago, and nothing.
They're coming up!!

We've never hunted the bluffs, but walked the terrible terrain on some land we have access to between Grafton and Otterville. It wasn't worth it, only found 2 last year. This season we haven't found anything on any slopes that normally produce. Only a couple of our honey holes are producing, but not like last year. On this date last year, we found 86 in one spot. This year, only 25. We went out yesterday, and walked along the creeks. For some reason this year, the big yellows seem to be popping up around sycamore. We found 25 fresh big yellows, all around and in the vicinity of sycamore trees.
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