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Madison County

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Anxious to hear about the first morels found in Madison county. Feel free to join my post. I've got the fever so did go out to a few places yesterday that I found a few dozen last year at, just checking. Hopefully they will be poppin' in the next couple weeks. I will let you know when I find my first one. Good luck hunting everyone!
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Greys are popping in northern Madison County have been last 2 days.. Not alot of them and not big all on south hills or south facing wood edges. Found 10 yesterday Found 14 today.. North or Granite City and West alton area all these were found along the river pretty much.. Good luck only gonna get better daily with the rain and heat..
Sorry woodsman haven't been on here last couple days.. Anyways I'm finding all that I've found in almost direct sunlight none around elms these are all coming from a area filled with large Maple trees on a wood edge running east west on the south side ground is still pretty bare in those areas except the ones actually I've found outside the tree line in direct sun are growing in basically grass with thick decomposed maple leaves buried down in the grass kinda tucked under in the Japanese honeysuckle that's growing along the edge.... I don't know if I can explain it any better.. On another note though I've went last 2 days and found zero I won't be able to go again til next Wednesday unless I hit this usually late spot some time this weekend just too kill some time.. I think it's still early and moisture was just right for the spots I hit because their not popping there anymore and my early reliable spots ain't popped a thing yet so I'm kinda confused but still very optomistic for early to middle next week to really start to getting popping them greys..
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Cool.. You ever hit the Cora Island wildlife area?
If you think mushrooms don't grow after they've popped I'd suggest you spend a little more time hunting them instead of reading about them.. I never pick the first 10-15 I find because it takes more than that just too feed my family so I'll leave them for a couple days or until I find another batch to put with them.. If the weather is right they'll grow I'll put money on that., if it's dry hot and windy they'll shrivel up and die or if their exposed to direct sun they'll dry up..Also I've never had one grow more than an inch at most..
Story of my season so far I'm still optimistic it's early..
I've found about 35-45 greys and 1 yellow so far.. I was hoping to hit it hard this coming week but temps are gonna be cool at night not looking good if you ask me we needed some good heat after this rain to really get them yellows poppin.. I'm gonna go out tomorrow check my reliable yellow spot I haven't touched yet this year but with the cool weather I'm not holding my breath.
Welp that reliable spot I have produced 5 in 5 hours I'm not happy I'm done til the weekend..
Hit up 14 greys today and 32 yellows all nice big fresh yellows..
I've been doing alright last few days went again yesterday Found 22 nice big yellows.. all yellows I've found have been under elms or Sycamore.. 90% sycamore.. regular spots are producing absolutely zilch I'm finding nothing on hills most I'm finding are honestly on hands and knees on blank ungreen ground under over grown Japanese honeysuckle with sycamore in the immediate area.. I'm off wed thru Friday hope to hit it pretty good then on my regular spots again and I'll prolly be calling it a season woods are really greening up with ground cover in my spots uncovered spots might still be good yet..
I agree 100% I'm hunting northern st louis county and northeastern madison county il, mo is much better so far..
Slayed the yellows today.. North facing hills at the very bottom all on dead elms..

Woodsman I found quite a few in the river bottoms west alton area normally a killer spot but only producing a few this year.. I've also noticed I'm not finding anything in real deep leaf litter most are damn near bare dirt and mossy spots even under the sycamore they seem to be popping in the bare-ish spots around them.. I think this week is gonna be good snd the end
Gonna get back out tonorrow.. stilling finding here and there hit and miss.. Found a nice big mess of yellows yesterday alot of dead ones again kinda bummed on all the dead ones I've found this year if I'd found all the dead with the live ones prolly been one of my best years, hitting a couple good spots this weekend then I'm prolly done depending on the outcome.. Good luck to all its been a decent year I've ate myself sick and I'm getting burnt..
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