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Madison County

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Anxious to hear about the first morels found in Madison county. Feel free to join my post. I've got the fever so did go out to a few places yesterday that I found a few dozen last year at, just checking. Hopefully they will be poppin' in the next couple weeks. I will let you know when I find my first one. Good luck hunting everyone!
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Upload them to photobucket and copy/paste the html code into the text box.
Not a very good season so far around here. I went out Wed. and found a little over a pound on S slopes which were getting dry as well as some of the shrooms. Hoping to get a good soaking rain today and tonight. It is still a bit early, most of the greys were just poking through the leaves and spotty. We should get a second flush if we get the rain.

Good luck everyone!
This is a strange season around here. I had high hopes for an above average season after 20" of snowfall in Feb/Mar and a wet early spring, but it just hasn't come together right this year. I'm hoping the N slopes produce well later in the season. Either way, I will be hunting hard the next few days, we are nearing peak season. It looks like it will last into May this year though...
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