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Madison County

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Anxious to hear about the first morels found in Madison county. Feel free to join my post. I've got the fever so did go out to a few places yesterday that I found a few dozen last year at, just checking. Hopefully they will be poppin' in the next couple weeks. I will let you know when I find my first one. Good luck hunting everyone!
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Not a very good season so far around here. I went out Wed. and found a little over a pound on S slopes which were getting dry as well as some of the shrooms. Hoping to get a good soaking rain today and tonight. It is still a bit early, most of the greys were just poking through the leaves and spotty. We should get a second flush if we get the rain.

Good luck everyone!
Very strange year. They claimed this year was Gona be the best morel year we've had in a long time but doesn't seem that way. None of my usual honey holes have produced very much so far. An I'm not seeing or hearing of any big finds yet. What's the deal. Has it just not hit prime season yet I'm very confused. It's been spotty. Finding a couple here an couple there but no big patches. Went out today an 3 of us found a total of around 30 Greys an yellows. I did stumble across a patch of 47 half frees under 1 tree. Not bad I guess. Any one else having any good finds. Not seeing any posts
I've found about 35-45 greys and 1 yellow so far.. I was hoping to hit it hard this coming week but temps are gonna be cool at night not looking good if you ask me we needed some good heat after this rain to really get them yellows poppin.. I'm gonna go out tomorrow check my reliable yellow spot I haven't touched yet this year but with the cool weather I'm not holding my breath.
I'm hoping somthing changes. None of my spots are doing anything.
Sangamon County nothing yet. BTW I've been watering my shrooms for years. Guaranteed they'll grow. They love the water.
Few greys at SIUE. Marquette Park my brother found a couple big greys
Went out today to my spot near Alton where i usually pull about 4-5 pounds from and i found nothing.. hopefully after a few days of sun that'll all change. Going out to another one of my other spots tomorrow. wish me luck!
Welp that reliable spot I have produced 5 in 5 hours I'm not happy I'm done til the weekend..
This is a strange season around here. I had high hopes for an above average season after 20" of snowfall in Feb/Mar and a wet early spring, but it just hasn't come together right this year. I'm hoping the N slopes produce well later in the season. Either way, I will be hunting hard the next few days, we are nearing peak season. It looks like it will last into May this year though...
Hit up 14 greys today and 32 yellows all nice big fresh yellows..
Ok. I have 2 private areas I hunt one is about 300 acres other is about 200. Plenty of elms ash poplar an other morel trees. Between the 2 spots I usually pull 90 lbs a year. With one of the spots being on the bluffs. I walked both areas today for a total of 10 hrs an only found 1 yellow. Can any one explain this to me. I did come across a few half frees. Are my areas just not producing this year or am I not the only one striking out
They dont pop every year in the same places . Sometimes they do sometimes they dont.
I'm getting frustrated. They said this year was going to be the best morel season in a long time due to the wet winter we had. But for me this has been the worst year. Non of my private areas are producing. According to my log yesterday last year I pulled 196 morels in 3 hrs from one of my private holes. This year that hole has produced 1 yellow n 12 half frees. This year I haven't even pulled in 50 in total. Is anyone else having the same year. I keep praying that the season is not about over. I'm seeing big yellows being found but at same time not hearing of any big Daily finds either.
Getting discouraged. Only found some half frees and some little weak yellows so far. My friend found a medium cooler full of big fresh yellows in New Athens a couple days ago.

Do you all this cool spell all next week when the temps are forcasted to finally hit a high of 80s they will still be popping? I'm in the Alton area and keep blaming my spots are just extra shades and not warm enough.

I've been doing alright last few days went again yesterday Found 22 nice big yellows.. all yellows I've found have been under elms or Sycamore.. 90% sycamore.. regular spots are producing absolutely zilch I'm finding nothing on hills most I'm finding are honestly on hands and knees on blank ungreen ground under over grown Japanese honeysuckle with sycamore in the immediate area.. I'm off wed thru Friday hope to hit it pretty good then on my regular spots again and I'll prolly be calling it a season woods are really greening up with ground cover in my spots uncovered spots might still be good yet..
im on the other side of the river of you guys (st louis/st charles) .. looks like we are having just slightly better season than you so far... by slightly i really mean slightly

its been strange. the humidity hasn't been what it needs to be and precipitation has been moderate to say the least

this rain we just got is going to help i think. tomorrow's temperatures aren't going to do much. hopefully the moisture sticks around until mid-late next week. if it does, those warm temperatures are going to kick things up a bit i think

good luck all
I agree 100% I'm hunting northern st louis county and northeastern madison county il, mo is much better so far..
Has anyone hunted the bluffs along the river rd yet from alton to Grafton. I have about 500 acres of private land there that I have access to an went yesterday with no luck just curious if anyone has found any along that area if so what conditions or terrain are u finding them in. I looked on south slopes an north with no luck. Still a strange year. I hope this cold spell didn't ruin the season. Still hoping for a good turn around when it warms back up. Also what about river edges. Had anyone had much luck along the river this year on the flat lands. I've never hunted along the river before but my 10 year old son wants to go an I prefer to take him some were easier to walk then thru all the thorns an brush I haul thru. This is his first year hunting
We've never hunted the bluffs, but walked the terrible terrain on some land we have access to between Grafton and Otterville. It wasn't worth it, only found 2 last year. This season we haven't found anything on any slopes that normally produce. Only a couple of our honey holes are producing, but not like last year. On this date last year, we found 86 in one spot. This year, only 25. We went out yesterday, and walked along the creeks. For some reason this year, the big yellows seem to be popping up around sycamore. We found 25 fresh big yellows, all around and in the vicinity of sycamore trees.
Slayed the yellows today.. North facing hills at the very bottom all on dead elms..

Woodsman I found quite a few in the river bottoms west alton area normally a killer spot but only producing a few this year.. I've also noticed I'm not finding anything in real deep leaf litter most are damn near bare dirt and mossy spots even under the sycamore they seem to be popping in the bare-ish spots around them.. I think this week is gonna be good snd the end
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