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Madison County

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Anxious to hear about the first morels found in Madison county. Feel free to join my post. I've got the fever so did go out to a few places yesterday that I found a few dozen last year at, just checking. Hopefully they will be poppin' in the next couple weeks. I will let you know when I find my first one. Good luck hunting everyone!
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Took my 10 year old son today for his first morel hunt ever. Took him to some new areas I've been scouting over the years but never hunted. Little turd found his first honey hole on his first trip. 37 yellows under 1 tree. Let's just say this daddy is a proud one. Don't no how to post on here but I posted some pics on Riverbend morels Facebook page just now.
Any predictions on what the rest of this morel season is Gona do
In all honesty, I've pretty much given up on the year. Lost all interest when all my spots were bare as can be.. never thought i'd say that.

Always next year i suppose!
Found 27 yesterday fresh yellows. Don't think the season is fully over yet. Found about half way up a north facing hill around a dead elm. Gona keep checking for at least another week
Gonna get back out tonorrow.. stilling finding here and there hit and miss.. Found a nice big mess of yellows yesterday alot of dead ones again kinda bummed on all the dead ones I've found this year if I'd found all the dead with the live ones prolly been one of my best years, hitting a couple good spots this weekend then I'm prolly done depending on the outcome.. Good luck to all its been a decent year I've ate myself sick and I'm getting burnt..
Found around 30 smaller greys & yellows in the Bethalto area. Picked them anyway because the cold snap had stunted the growth and the stems had started turning reddish. With all the nice warmth coming it'll be booming here within the weekend or so!
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