MD Summertime Finds 2019

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    Hey there all,

    Haven’t been on in a while and was surprised to see there had not been a summer thread started!

    The wet spring coupled with the early summer heat made the chanterelles pop earlier than usual in a couple of my spots. And with a serious uptick in the number I have been seeing compared to past years! I’ve heard black trumpets have been coming up in certain spots as well and of course summer oysters, chickens, and boletes.

    Here are a few pics from our walks over the past couple weeks. Hoping we continue seeing the forest gold for at least another month or two!

    Please post your photos here of summer mushroom finds as well as any questions you might have. Good luck out there everyone – Stay safe!


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    I found my first black trumpets yesterday, but my chanterelle spots still haven't produced. Won't be long now- thanks for posting your finds...
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