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Hellooooo. VIRGINIA 馃
Wade here...
Man I've got my woodstove burning 馃敟
in the Basement...
Stocked Full of some.. split white ash
Man it's Burn'n HOT 馃敟
I'm up here cook'n me some pancakes and I'm Have'n to open the door to cool it off in here some..let'n some fresh air in..

I here on the Radio that we might get a snow today..
And it's made me think that I might like to have maybe 3 or 4 blizzards this winter..we are long long long overdue here in Monroe County Indiana for a big one..
Some folks say a big snow blanket that stays on all winter is one sure key to finding lots of Morels in the spring..
But then I thought 馃 Hmmm it don't snow that much in Oklahoma or Georgia and they find a lot.
"The Mystery Will Always Be"
and Man..
We All Love this about it, don't We鉂ゐ煃勷煈嶐煆

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Last year we had zero snow and a great Morel season. I'm looking forward to another good season. Hope you can make it down to hunt with us.
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