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Moisture in the soil?

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I've been stomping around the woods in the metro the last couple of evenings and everything seems really dry. I know the warm up over the next few days will help but will the low moisture be a problem? We have scattered t-storms in the forecast late next week and of course no showers until forecasted until Saturday the 19th.

This Spring is all messed up. I visited some customers in the Central MN Lakes area this week and except for a few bays all the larger lakes were still ice covered. Which means they're 2 maybe 3 weeks behind us in productive morel hunting.
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I didn't pick that angry face. But maybe they can sense my frustration?
Ice on the lakes up north, I always wanted to find some true black morels but I heard they come up the same time the yellows start popping here, this would be a great year to do both I would think.
I'm with you on the frustration, I've been out and about and it has been kinda dry, metro area and south of the cities though the snow down that way should of helped alot, and the faces leave alot to be desired, but we get what we get, once I figure things out maybe I'll get a new face.
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