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Morel Cultivation (holy grail) and Other mushroom Cultivation

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It seems almost every wild mushroom hunter/lover eventually tries his/her hand at some form of mushroom cultivation.

This Ohio Forum Topic on Cultivation is intended for those interested in starting or sharing their experiences with cultivation.

I am committing to making at least 1 post per month for the next year to keep this new Topic (Cultivation) toward the top of the Ohio Forum Topic list (which is now at 12 pages of Topics as of 8-2013).

I find the field of Morel information/shared experience available now is greater and of more applicability than what I found even 3-4 years ago. Lots of people are "gnawing at the Enigma of Morel Cultivation" and making contributions. From this process of shared collective experience I believe we'll have some refinement of understanding and successful formulas for getting results with Morels.

Some call this Crowd-Sourcing. I've participated in scientific versions that redefined the number of stars in the known Universe and one that created new tools for finding supernovas with half billion dollar telescopes -- and I'm not a scientist!!

The point is everyone's experience is valid and makes a contribution. So, it's not about right or wrong but about what we learn and how it moves us forward toward greater practical understanding.
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Hello everyone,

I introduce myself, Guillaume, French and passionate about the cultivation of mushrooms, especially morels.

You will excuse my english which is not necessarily correct.

It's been a few months now that I'm looking for information on the growth of morels.

I was able to find and translate the various patents on this culture but I am always eager to learn and exchange about it.

I want to get in touch with people who cultivate, do tests, all for the sole purpose of improving the theory.

I could work concretely at the beginning of October, because I will receive correct strains to do it.

Thank you in advance to all those who will help me to realize, humbly, this dream.
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@ sb: yes that's exactly it. The patents were for the most part in English which made it easy for me to translate. Those in Chinese, on the other hand, are a little less understandable. I used for this google translation. It is very interesting but I think everything is not ..... it would be really easy!

@ trahn008: I can not understand what you mean (at the translation level). You mean, the Chinese are smarter than that. That is, it does not really patent their actual inventions but rather a pale copy - a copy that does not really represent their advanced?
Hello farsouthsider,

Yes I already have my cultivation plan, I'm going to do this under shade net - 75%, it will be 1m wide x 1m long, there will be irrigation ditches of 30cm wide on 20 cm deep. These ditches are intended to irrigate crops and move into the structure. The seedling white - sclerotia - will be planted and covered then the exogenous food will be brought a few days later for a while (to be determined) ..... the rest will be in the spring until the good weather comes.

I do not yet produce my seedling white - nor exogenous food but I continue to gather as much information as I can to do it.

I did not see the patent you are talking about, I was able to download it completely (if you wish, I can put you a link to do it).

The translation is not very understandable, in the details. It would be a method to improve the morel yield (maybe like a symbiosis), wheat bringing some elements - but there are not really any details. There is also an addition of liquid fertilizer that is done (to see if the mushrooms are not saturated with chemical elements, which would greatly reduce the commercial potential of the latter, even if there is more to pick). In addition, I also see an interest in the production of semi white if we use wheat in the composition of the recipe to do it.

As SB said, 1 mu is 666.67 m2

Hello SB, FM actually sells licenses, including the supply of semi white, exogenous food and accompaniment in culture. This can be interesting if you only want to produce morel. On the other hand if you wish to produce your recipes of white of sowing and your recipes of exogenous food, it will not accompany you to see you brake. Nobody knows the returns, it does not communicate on it.

My first attempts to produce semi white and exogenous food will be done soon, for now, I have not yet defined a recipe plan. If you have experiences sharing me on that, they are welcome.

I would be happy to give you feedback on the crop and express the yields obtained.

I also wish to be interested in the interior culture, to improve myself on the external culture.

On this last point, do not hesitate to share your experience.
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It seems that the cultivation of the morel, following the article that SB has transmitted to us, is exhausting the soils (but of what?) Is added some things on the ground, which has the consequence of reducing or eliminating all fructifications. One of the solutions could be to renew the land with forest humus, to make crop rotations ..... but as long as we are not enough on what happens in the soil, it will be really "haphazardly" luck " ....
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