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Morel Cultivation (holy grail) and Other mushroom Cultivation

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It seems almost every wild mushroom hunter/lover eventually tries his/her hand at some form of mushroom cultivation.

This Ohio Forum Topic on Cultivation is intended for those interested in starting or sharing their experiences with cultivation.

I am committing to making at least 1 post per month for the next year to keep this new Topic (Cultivation) toward the top of the Ohio Forum Topic list (which is now at 12 pages of Topics as of 8-2013).

I find the field of Morel information/shared experience available now is greater and of more applicability than what I found even 3-4 years ago. Lots of people are "gnawing at the Enigma of Morel Cultivation" and making contributions. From this process of shared collective experience I believe we'll have some refinement of understanding and successful formulas for getting results with Morels.

Some call this Crowd-Sourcing. I've participated in scientific versions that redefined the number of stars in the known Universe and one that created new tools for finding supernovas with half billion dollar telescopes -- and I'm not a scientist!!

The point is everyone's experience is valid and makes a contribution. So, it's not about right or wrong but about what we learn and how it moves us forward toward greater practical understanding.
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Resurrecting this thread hoping to get some feedback. Anyone here want to update their knowledge on what sort of bed works best for fruiting morels?

One of the main issues I'm stumped with: should the ground around the bed be tilled and mixed with other media...or left alone with sod intact?

Another thing: it appears some make their beds on top of ground with log frame whereas others dig into the ground before layering their substrate. I can't see what purpose a log frame would serve in any case, fruitings occur outside the spawned nucleal area, outside of attempts at framing a bed. Which is why I think it is important to know what to do with the ground surrounding the main bed up to where it meets a barrier wall. Any ideas?

Also, when creating a barrier far outside (assuming up to 15 feet outside) the main deep should the bricks, rocks, plastic sheeting, etc., be buried in ground?

Thanks for any input.

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