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Morel Hunters wanted to... find morels here in WI

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N.Rock/S.Dane Cty WI- I have 12 acres of woods.Have pulled 5-6 each 20 min. hunt session but haven't the time for more. I hate to see them rot if they're there.. I'd like a few pounds- the rest is free to go. Any takers on a day in the woods? It's dips/peaks in terrain in all directions... let me know if interested- I'll take 10 people to start. If interested, contact me at [email protected] or here. May 28th thru Jun 2. so far.
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^Any takers? 10 people is WAYYY extreme. I can hunt a 12 acres woods full of morels in 4-6 hours depending on how many morels I gotta pick under one tree. So 10 people is a LOT
but not everyone has access like you to get 50+ pounds in a few trips. maybe this person is just being nice and generous to those that are struggling to find some.
Few trips? No def. not; lets say everyday for four hours a day. Its hard work and dedication; some people have no idea. As for the woods he is being very generous but one person to two people can easily handle the woods and if he gets 10+ guys out there by the 3rd to forth guy they would be lucky to pull shrooms if the first two did the right job
@morelmasterjville; Thank you for the kind words of support. I am definitely not as good a morel hunter as you and may have invited too many people for sure. I was actually looking at the time left in the season, and considered the terrain- a challenge for the fittest. My hope was to share and provide an opportunity to those who share your/my passion for spotting the first 'morel'... and haven't yet found it. Finding just ONE if you're new, is exciting. I wanted to share that. I've been watching posts of eager hunters and as one myself once... I can't forget the feeling. I only wanted to share the opportunity with eager 1st timers or people who share the passion, and don't have the same resources we have. I offered a safe, free, private place for a handful of people to hunt mushrooms. Unfortunately, none of the Giant group of 10 will find a morel stash under 1 tree... they'll have to walk and climb to find them. I agree that 10 people is WAY extreme. I've only accepted 9 to hunt. I hope everyone finds at least 1. Seriously... with NO mushrooms, it's still a nice hike in the woods after all... It's really just a kind gesture..
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Has anyone responded to your generous offer? I use to live in Janesville for most of my life, but was born in Baraboo then lived in Madison till I was 5.
Now my residence is in the Crystal Lake area in Illinois. Just wondering if anyone is still finding fresh morels by you?
I found these by Rockford last week, and they are done here. Just looking for a new spot where there are fresh ones without having to drive to Wausaw. : )
Hopefully the picture shows.
@ The Motherload- Nice find for you!! Yes, I received quite a few responses to my offer. Bad weather, work schedules, etc. it's been a challenge for some to find a window to get here. I've had a couple who've hunted-. 1 found no morels but several other exotic / red white gray and beige in color. The 2nd guy found 8 good-size yellow morels today, but ran out of time and w/like to come back. if interested, email me- [email protected] It's been cold and rainy since the last big find on the 31st.. hoping a couple warm days w/ bring out a few more, but..... I think the window is closing..
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