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Morel Mushroom Expandable Mesh Bucket Deluxe

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Visit to view the Bag Mor Expandable Bucket Deluxe "leave the spore" tm Morel Mushroom mesh gathering bag with an expandable flex ring at the bottom that forms a bucket to keep the morels from getting smashed together at the bottom where most of your weight will be on a great gathering day. This professional heavy duty made in USA deluxe morel mesh gathering bag is second to none and will last for years. The ring at the bottom is concealed in the fabric and is a flexible plastic that pops out into a firm round ring at the bottom to form a bucket as you can see in the pictures and then folds neatly away into it's own attached waterproof storage pouch. The bottom is also mesh to provide excellent spreading of the morel spores for the duration of your morel hunting. The mesh is extremely strong and will resist tears even while morel hunting in the thickest woods. The mesh allows you to "BAG MOR" and "Leave the Spore" which enhances future growth of morels in your favorite hunting spots. The Bag Mor Bucket Deluxe also has an adjustable shoulder strap which allows it to fit comfortably to any size morel hunter. "The Bag Mor Bucket Deluxe" is black mesh with a black vinyl pouch. The black on black looks really nice and when in it's pouch is small enough to store anywhere when you are traveling to your next great hunting spot. When morels are out of season this bag can also be use as a grocery bag for those who choose to "Go Green." The bottom of the bag is gusseted for strength as your bounty increases and stretches to accommodate the load. You won't be disappointed with this great bag! In stock and ready to ship USPS Priority Mail.
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