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I know its still early here. Weather has not been conistent and we need a lot more rain to get things going. I usually start looking around the first week in march all the way into the first few days in april. Im very new to finding morels mushrooms on my own . I used to go all the time with my grandpa when i lived in michigan where they are a lot more popular and definetly more plentiful. Dont know how common they are around here or if anyone has found any but im still going to try and look again this year. Last year i looked in a spot that i thought might have some morels but it was very dry for most of the spring and the rain that we really needed came too late and was too warm. Anybody have any information on what kinds of trees to look for in this area to find them? One of the spots im going to check in a couple weeks has lots of cottonwood and elm and ash trees right next to a creek. Several of them are dead.
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