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Morel story...

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I have a fun little story here. So I was born and raised in Iowa and moved away at 19 to Seattle, WA where I've lived for the past 7 years. I moved back to Iowa a year ago and am moving BACK to Seattle in 2 weeks. Well, while I was out in the northwest, I fell in love with mushrooms. I loved getting out in the woods, exploring, finding mushrooms, trying to identify them, finding both edible and psychedelic species, and photographing them.

ANYWAY... last spring I searched for Morels around my area quite a few times when I knew they up (thanks to the forum here). I found nothing. This spring I was determined since I would be moving away and may never have the chance again. I searched and searched and again... found nothing. Then 2 days ago I came home (lived with my mom while back in Iowa) from asparagus hunting and my mom says "I found some morels". I was shocked and thought "yeah... right... probably a stink-horn or something". I ask her where. She says "in the yard near her lilac bush/tree". So I go out there and to my surprise... she's right! 2 small yellow morels growing near the base of a lilac bush.

They grew up near the base of a healthy (seemingly) lilac bush, pushing up throw weed-block fabric and bark-mulch in a yard in the middle of town. Wow...

It's like the universe knew it was my last chance to see them before moving and dropped them in my yard. I live in the middle of a town and there's no dying trees around. Talk about weird...

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