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Morels -2016

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Show me you morels. what's the terrain look like? What region is popping them now?
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" Boris the Beard" Here's the deal straight up. In abt 3/4 weeks these two guys ( Buchtornman & Shroomtrooper) will start posting all sorts of info, like the WrenOmeter,ramps,lilac's ect. The trick is to watch for when they stop posting, cause that means they're out in the woods harvesting morels and won't have time to post. Sweet & Simple!!
So true Old Elm, about buckthorn and shroomtrooper.

Yesterday I went out in the woods around Tomah. Holy crapoly, the deer ticks, both adult and seed ticks, are out in force. Took my fiance, boy, and I 30 minutes to collect 6 by just skirting the edges. Not even going deep.
Y'all better start takin shots of permathin and deet just so you can keep up with trooper and I. And elm lets pass the knowledge on to those that have some natural sense. Into the thorn boys!!!

thanks for the responses. "Old Elm" "Buckthornman" and "Shroomtrooper" First time actively looking for morels. Usually have success with CoW and Hens, puffballs, chantrelles, black tulips.
Buckthornman, I was a Camp Lejeune Marine, so ticks don't scare me. I was just letting Old Elm know that the scourge is out early this year. I wonder what you are implying in regard to "natural sense". All I know is, when I feel they're out, they are out. And where. Anyway, have fun out there.
I thought you guys would be here pretty soon. Ha, you guys get me even more pumped up.
Boris, seems like you know more than you let on, soil temps is what I look at too, even have my own thermometer. I have not looked at them yet until you posted, wow pretty high already.
Nice to see you on the forum OldElm and Bucky, sure was nice last year, even tho I had to reschedule a couple of times, but made me hit the road down south, paid off. I wonder if we will get a late April harvest this year? Good luck to you Boris and my friends, I cant wait. Boris, Black Tulips ? Same as black trumpets?
shroomtrooper, I'm just learning. Have only been looking for edible mushrooms for a year. But i google the [email protected]# about something i have interest and want to be success in my hobbies. I already liked going hiking and backpacking and since a kid have been looking for edible berries preferrably black raspberries and blueberries, and now adding mushrooms makes it more enjoyable.
oops , yeah i meant black trumpets. so far have journaled 2 good spots.
" shroomtrooper " - " buckthornman " It's sure shaping up like 2012, ( Early ) was out today and the skunk cabbage is already poking through, and the city lilacs have buds on them too, abt the size of a mouse's ear.
Going to be a different year for shrooming, as my Dad passed away Jan 28Th. 92 years old, and hunted right through the whole 2015 season. Our last time out we slayed the Honeys in mid Oct. Sure do miss him & his knowledge.

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Dang it all, the kids got me one of those new laptop computer deals, and I can't get the photo URL thing figured out. Anyone got an easy way to load photo's here? How about off of an iPhone? Got to be an easy way besides photo bucket?
Old elm, I'm sorry to hear of your father's passing.

In regards to this year's morels, this next 10 days or so, we are looking at night time times around freezing and below. That should add to the confusion a little bit.
Old elm

I use to load pics from my computer and the tinypic app in the app store to load from my ipad/iphone . The app is a lot quicker
THX'z Chelios.

It's always a game with the weather, but over here we got to be patient cause it's still a long ways til they pop. Soil temps will come up fast as we're in for rain, and the leaf canopy isn't out so the sun will do its job. Fun to be getting out in the woods though.
" jdk32581 " thank you for the tinypic tip. It's always good to see pictures posted.
I am sorry to hear about your father, I am sure you will be thinking a lot about him this year, hopefully with a smile.
Boris, I have yet to find fresh black trumpets, I am jealous. And Chants. Did find my 1st hedgehog last year, they are really good, firmer good flavor.
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