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Discussion in 'Michigan' started by mushroom_mentor, Apr 17, 2016.

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    Hi guys! We're getting close to morel season here in the midwest. So excited! Check out my new youtube video where I share my first morel story. I'm not the best story teller haha. It would be fun to hear your first morel story so check out my video and share in the comments section on my youtube or submit it via video comment on my youtube! Can't wait to hear from you guys.


    Let's get a community going, subscribe to my youtube channel and start a discussion with us and our viewers. We are trying to organize a foray but need people!

    youtube channel:
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    Mentor, the only thing that exceeds your enthusiasm, is your total lack of understanding why & how we purse them. Hmmm….. No morel mushroom experts you say, well I don’t know about that, but I do know there are plenty of people who talk about them, but few who actually find them. Maybe you’ve learned all your misinformation on the web,and combined it with your imagination,but please don’t go miss leading people & posting it on this forum.
    Some of us are out in the woods to share in the dignity, honor & spirituality that comes from being at one with Mother Nature not to turn a profit out of it. PEACE

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    These are some weird people. The video is soooooo bad I can not even comprehend what they are thinking. It literally makes me uncomfortable to watch . Are they on drugs ? They talk about community and this and that what the hell is going on here
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    I don't have my morel certificate to sell so I'm not an expert in the way they are, but I started hunting them before my second birthday, so 53 years of getting literally over a ton of mushrooms has taught me what when where how but an expert? Who cares. I think they should spend the year focusing on learning the ropes. A master has many teachers and much practice. Get some videos this year of actually following a draw and go to Facebook for all the newbies. This site usually attracts the people who seriously spend 100 hours every year on a favorite passion. Just relax and pay attention to the slope of the hill, the relative elevation, when they pop in grass, soil temps, etc. find the patterns that hold true and challenge yourselves. stick with it mentor I'm glad to see you love what you do and hope you guys have a 50#+ year!
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    Y'all are harsh. They are passionate about something. Don't be so quick to judge, they don't claim to be anything just offering advice. I'm on here to learn more about mushrooms and have learned a few things. Mushroom Mentor. Send me an email to I'm in Minneapolis and it would be great to hear from you.

    Have a great day all!

    Jason Stevens