Morels and Tornadoes

Discussion in 'Kansas' started by thefungusfinder, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. thefungusfinder

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    I think we've all heard that tornadoes and wildfires can often lead to massive morel patches, but I personally have never found one and know nothing about the correlation. Does anyone know more about this? Specifically long after a tornado would an area be expected to produce, in the same year? The next year?
    I found a wooded area that was quite obviously hit by a tornado, 30-40' trees toppled over. Did some research and found out the tornado was about a week ago. Is this something I should be keeping an eye on or just mark it as a good prospect for next year? I live quite a distance from the area, it's on the way to a spot I only hunt once or twice a year...otherwise I'd be checking it everyday after work.
    Any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. dragon76

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    dead trees have always been the key for me. If this just happened, I would think that it would take a few years for the spores to react with the root base of the dead tree.

  3. hahillbilly

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    Burns can be awesome, and I guess tornadoes could be, too. They gotta be there to start with, though.

    Any type disturbance can be a trigger. Including burns, mowing anything....
  4. nckshroomhunter

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    May of 2013 a tornado hit where I live, last year the majority of morels that were found around home were found in the path that the tornado took. Morels were found elsewhere but they were in large patches on the tornado trail. Many guys had their best year of morel hunting last year.