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Morels for sale- KY

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Several pounds of large blonde and grey morels for sale in Central Kentucky- price negotiable.
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Yes interested, how much? I live near Ashland
I haven't weighed them yet - just picked a few hours ago- I'd say close to 10 pounds. Make me an offer ....and in the mean time I will weigh them. I just rinsed them off and they are on the porch drying off.
We packed them in two large light weight woman's tall boot boxes and weighed them and they weighed 16 pounds in the box--so probably 14-15 pounds of morels.
Kcour, I live in Glencoe area, just up 127, I would love to hookup with about $30 worth of quality, fresh Morels. I can Pickup or we can meet @???.
Leave me your email or phone and we will set something up....thanks
I am in Ohio and would like some. How do they ship as it is to far to travel unless we could meet in Cincinnati
Live in Somerset and you can contact me at 3194310990

I want several pounds.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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