Morels in Louisa County?

Discussion in 'Virginia' started by ezrafreeman, May 6, 2013.

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    Hey Virginia morel people,
    This is my first posting here, and is the first year that I've really been serious about trying to find morels. I live in Louisa county, on a couple hundred acres of mostly mixed hardwoods. I've tried looking for morels this spring but haven't seen any here on my land. I've found lots of oysters/blewits/boletes/etc. over the seasons, but no morels. I've had a bit of luck finding them in Orange county, but it would be nicer to find a patch closer to home. Does anyone on the forum have experience looking for or finding them in Louisa County? Do you think it's still worth looking or has the season passed? Also, there's anyone in the area who is experienced with finding morels, and wants to try looking for some possible new spots, let me know.
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    I had to chime in on this post, as I am a gold prospector by hobby, and spend much time in Louisa Co. hunting the yellow
    metal . Mainly around Mineral and Contrary Creek . I spend much time in the woods and streams there, but have never found a Morel . But it could be the areas that I prospect on are very heavy in pyrite and other sulfides, thus very acidic soil.
    Also, there are no old growth trees of any sort . Mostly pines .. The old miners cleared everything in the earl 1900's .
    My bro owns 26 acres up on Terry's run, and have found a few there, but that is just across the line in Orange Co. .
    Don't know if the season is over, been a strange spring . Haven't even found many up here in Rappahannock Co .
    Don't know what's up this year, but I will try again Sunday .. With Mom of course ! Lol !
    Good luck !