morels in Louisiana

Discussion in 'Louisiana' started by rcc75, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. rcc75

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    Are there any morels in Louisiana? i moved to the Alexandria/ Pineville area in January from Missouri and can't seem to find a lead on anywhere close to hunt and what time of year. everyone i talk with don't know what they are. i am thinking that i should go to the Kisatchie National Forest to look around mid to late march. ideas and info are welcome.
  2. nate

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    They do grow in LA and your time frame to look seems spot on from watching the boards in past years... Not sure where to look, but it kinda sounds like many of the southern states.. They are there just most locals don't know what they are and it can be a bit different than hunting in the Northern U.S.

  3. mcjunklover

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    New to shrooming. In north LA. Looked around the woods close to home and only found devil's urn and turkey tails. Was still real cool cuz this was my first hunt and saw the devil's urn about 10 feet into the woods. Any advice hunting this area would be appreciated.