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Morgan County - todays find

Discussion in 'Indiana' started by survival 101, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. survival 101

    survival 101 Young Morel

    Hey guys and gals, first timer here. Found 25 today in Martinsville. Woohoo!! ][​IMG]
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  2. tggmjcg

    tggmjcg Young Morel

    Found a dozen yellows and a single grey today.... Decent size and all were fresh and healthy. Certainly has been a strange season for this area thus far... Hopefully many many more to come!

  3. leo6960

    leo6960 Morel Enthusiast

    I live in Putnam county and my neighbor says our property's are always delayed or late producers. This only our second year here but i have been finding like 5-15 per day. Does anyone think that late producers that just started will carry on for a couple of weeks or will the heat kill any chances of that happening? We had fried morel the other night and they were awesome! We are hooked!