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Please read entire ad before purchasing.
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Natures Designs Hand Carved Morel Products Are Back!

Mothers Day Sale 5/2/17 to 5/9/17. Guaranteed Mothers Day Delivery, on or before 5/12/17.

Our lightweight Hand Carved Morel Mushroom Walking Sticks are the most sold morel mushroom walking sticks in the world, with the most accessories. Our hardwood walking sticks are an average of 51” to 52” of lightweight Kiln Dried Poplar lumber, with a dark redwood stain that really makes the wood grain pop, and are sealed with two coats of waterproof polyurethane finish. Each lightweight walking stick averages 11/2lb. These sticks are designed to assist you, not wear you down (weight is very important). These beautiful walking sticks are tipped with a hand carved wooden decoy morel to help train your eyes to spot the pores of the morel mushroom in the weeds. Our 48” tall signature handle carvings adds traction in the moist spring weather. Each stick has a massaging beaded wrist strap that you’ll grow to love on those long hunts. This unique walking stick also has a ¾” non-freezing kerosene compass to keep you from getting lost. And what mushroom hunting stick is complete without 15” ruler marks on the bottom for measuring your morals. Each walking stick has a 1” shockproof rubber boot for a smooth and pleasant hike, which also complies with wildlife park regulations. We make our walking sticks right here in the Ohio Mohican Forest. Thanks for shopping with us!

Fast And Free Shipping: We ship priority mail; It usually takes 3 to 5 days.
No Shipping On Sunday.
All walking sticks purchased during Mothers Day Sale will arrive on or before 5/12/17 Guaranteed.
Don’t forget to check out our other Hand Carved Morel Products. Thanks for shopping with us.
At Natures Designs, Our Motto Is, ” In the end honesty and fairness comes first!”
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