Mushroom Dinner Pics & Recipes (again)

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    While posting here, let's hope the original content -- 5 years contributions from everyone -- will be restored.

    Chicken of the Woods Nuggets

    This find of extremely fresh, just started, Chicken of the Woods from Hocking County, OH inspired me to cut some for "Chicken Nuggets".


    On the cutting board, below. They didn't require any cutting or trimming from when I cut them off the log.


    Here's my assembly line for dipping in egg white & cream, panko bread crumbs

    The brown below, before frying is from mixing my own Tandoori seasoning: Coriander, Cumin, Sweet Paprika, Ginger, Saffrom. Cardamon & Garlic.
    Truth be told -- I was less than thrilled with the taste of the "Chicken Nuggets" with the Tandoori seasoning and did a recovery by grabbing a bottle of Ketchsup -- HA!!

    The texture was superb, though and satisfying. Also, steamed, mashed turnips with fresh Parsley from the garden.

    Happy Hunting, Everyone!
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    Chanterelle Shrimp Pie
    This is a variation yesterday, of Jack's superb Crawfish Chanterelle Pie he shared 3-4 years ago.
    First: Chanterelles, enough to be choosey.

    A cutting board full, below, drying in the sun -- or 4 cups cut into pieces.


    Above: Shrimp, raw, cut into bite sized pieces, Chanterelles, Chicken stock, onions, garlic, fresh corn cut off the cob, corn starch, cream, fresh parsley and spices (smoked paprika, cyanne, salt & pepper)

    Everything is sauteed/cooked 3/4 before putting into the shell to bake further and crust is baked before filling. Finished Pie cooling down, below.


    Chanterelle Shrimp Pie, Fresh Curly Parsley, Brined Yellow Wax Beans and Pickled Jalopenos, both cold & both from the garden.

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