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I sell HUGE morel mushroom grow kits. They're each 8.5 lbs of fungal frenzy each, and I ship everywhere you are in the lower 48 states.

My morel kit is for outdoor planting - pure morchella spawn on sterilized hardwood/grains. Currently selling morchella importuna and morchella rufobrunnea.

My oyster/lions mane/shiitake kits are the same production blocks that I fruit at my mushroom farm.

I produce blocks for growing mushrooms daily in my workshop, and the ones that I sell online are inoculated with the fungus you select, packed with instructions, and shipped to you - most varieties are ready to produce in 45-60 days. Anything kits that don't sell online are inoculated with the fungus of MY choice, and those will be heading to my fruiting chamber to produce mushrooms for sale at the farmer's market (or possibly will end up in a big mushroom pie - with a fried egg on top - delicious). I sell the same kit that I use to produce mushrooms myself.

You can find me at

* Began producing blocks in 2016 for my mushroom farm
* Began selling blocks online as mushroom grow kits with easy care instructions in 2017
* Currently (8/7/2018) have 157 sales and 17 Five Star REVIEWS on Etsy
* Planted my own morel kits 1st time in Spring 2018 and hoping to harvest in fall this year or Spring 2018 - honest seller, no magic beans here.
* Substrate is hardwood, whole oats, and a secret ingredient.
* The secret ingredient is fungus. Come see me at :)
* Special price for locals who can pick up in Peotone, IL. Hit me up via Etsy to pre-arrange this.
Morel bed - step one.jpg
Morel bed - step two.jpg
Morel bed - step three.jpg


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