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mushrooms found today

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Today in Northeast Wisconsin I found a few Chanterelles, Oysters and, to my surprise, a few Hen of the Woods. I typically start finding Hens A few weeks later than this
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yeah steve. my fiancee found 2 baby hens and a 15 pounder today in the fox valley.
We finally got some good soaking rain over here in our part of this fine state.... :wink:
Old Elm,
What are the white mushrooms in your post? I have been seeing the same ones, (light yellow spore print) but have not been able to get a reliable ID from any books. Am finding them in spruce and hardwood mixes.
Thanks for any help.
" mshrmfn " not sure what those white ones are, so they got left behind,until I get chance to ID them. There is just loads of stuff coming up now.
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Old elm they are comb tooth good shroom I froze some last fall.
We were talking about the white ones that are in that are five pictures back.Aug 30th, post. Thanks-anyhow "jmerx"
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These are the one's we weren't too SURE about, so they are still out there in the woods. tons of rain here last night,looking good. Still finding a few Chant's over here too.
OldElm.. which county are you from? Those are gorgeous boletes
"MissKay" I am over in St Croix Cty. Funny thing Chants coming up this late too, but I can't seem to beat the BUGS to them!
Amazing I will have to make a trip up north! Thanks!
I only want Boletes ;)
I hear you regarding the bugs OldElm. Found nearly 1500 chanterelles this summer and around 300 were not buggy. Anywhere I went here in Wisconsin. So depressing. So far found about 240 cinnabars. Thank goodness all bug free. Good luck.
'MissKay" come on up, we should have good picken for awhile yet. There are many varieties of "Bolets" around here,and nobody out foraging that I see.
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So this was today's haul. About a pound and a half of trumpets. I believe there was 3, at least two different species in there. The Horn-of-Plenty's actually smelled a little apricot-like. I guess that is why they are also referred to as the Black Chanterelle. FINALLY found some chanterelles that were not buggy, granted it was only three of them. 18 or so cinnabars, and one little baby hedgehog. Made some scrambled eggs with trumpets, or was it trumpets with scrambled eggs? Hehe! Anyway, hope you all have some good luck too.
Also, if anybody knows why my pics are posting double and could let me know, I would appreciate it, thanks.
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