my neighbor mowed over my morels!!

Discussion in 'Ohio' started by anthonykerann, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. anthonykerann

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    my neighbor though he's very nice, was helping me by mowing some of my property. I have 2 sections of morels. I marked them with dried catalpa seed pods. he didn't know that it was 'sacred', but yesterday, he mowed over 25 mushrooms !!! what a loss. I still have a section w/ about 18 morels on the other section of the yard. I left a note in his mailbox & i'll talk to him today. SUCH A LOSS, MY FATHER WILL BE HEARTBROKEN FOR SURE !!!!
  2. cbus82

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    That sucks. Maybe that will spread the spores around more so you can have a better haul in years to come. Trying to find a positive out of this for you.