My way of perserving Morels

Discussion in 'Iowa' started by oldlords, May 17, 2013.

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    I thought I would re-post this and make a thread for it. Maybe someone will find it useful for preserving their morels for later use.

    Hi, You might already know this method.I learned it from my aunt. First I cut them in half, soak them in tubs of plain water because they soak up water very fast and I find that they become to salty if you add the salt right away. Next I drain them of the water and soak them in salt water to kill bugs. Then I rinse them one last time and lay out tin foil in the freezer and lay them out flat then another layer of tin foil, fill it up and continue the same steps. After they have frozen, I fill one gallon zip-lock bags and keep them frozen.

    This way they never stick together in the bags because they have already froze and you just take handfuls out for what you want to cook. It works great and they taste perfect and last a very long time like this.
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    I found the best way is to cook them just like you were to eat them. I dip in egg, roll in flour and fri in butter to golden brown. Then cool on paper towel, place single layer on cookie sheet and put in freezer bag. When ready just refry in butter until hot in middle and they are very close to fresh like today!

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    My favorite is the same steps as oldlords but to dip in milk and roll in flower befor freezing, theyre ready to gointo the frying pan as soon as thawed