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Hello, I'm new to this site but not to sponge mushrooms! I grew up on a farm in Indiana, all of our neighbors were Amish, and all of our surrounding woods were honey holes! My parents relocated to Alabama and I came with them about a decade ago, how I miss the mushroom hunting up north!
It wasn't till this season, this year that me or my family knew of morels being here in north Alabama, but this year we finally found a total of seven black morels in a lil patch of woods in the city! I've spent hours and days and days, hiking these woods, I'm an excellent hunter, but need to get out of the city, or better yet further NORTH! :)
I'm a 31 year old struggling, single momma, I've had the worst part few years with my health, and now I'm finally on the mend, I need God to send me an angel who will let me catch a ride with them to go hunting! I can't pay a lot to go, but I'd sure pitch in on gas! If anyone is going any where, ANYWHERE north of Alabama, and going near Decatur Alabama to get there, please please please, help me get to go mushroom hunting, it'd be such a huge blessing to me to get to go! My name's Crystal, you can text or call, thanks so much, have a wonderful day!!!
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