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Nebraska Morel Hunting 2015

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This is the official thread for the 2015 mushroom hunting season in Nebraska.
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We are getting closer! Let's hope for a great season! I'm personally hoping all this moisture over the past year will bring about a beautiful bountiful season for all.
Temperatures will really be warming up over the next 7 days. Mushroom fever will be settin in big time.
Hey guys, I'm from Bellevue, but didn't start mushroom hunting until after I moved to Des Moines Ia. I had no problem finding mushrooms there. Well I've been out of the country in Germany and Afghanistan. Now I've gone full circle and I'll be out hunting this season. Hopefully I can discover some hot spots! I already got that itch!
Went out today just to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful warmth. We could have a dang good year. The ground is still very moist once you get a couple inches deep. I would think since we are ahead of the curve with moisture for the first time in years that it won't take as much rain this Spring to get them poppin good. Soil temperature is still running about 10 degrees too cold for optimal growth. Once we get past this next period of colder weather at the end of March I would expect them to start coming not long after, especially if we get some nice 70 degree days and a little rain. Thinking probably 2nd week of April and we can start seriously looking.
I'm not sure where you are from,but soil temp just hit 39 degrees this afternoon and was 33 this morning, and where is this moisture you have been talking about it is very dry out there. Anyway you seem to read alot, just wait for the infamous TWO RIVERS POST AND IT WILL BE TIME TO ROCK AND ROLL
I am from Central Nebraska. Aurora to be exact. The near record breaking rain we saw last Spring and Summer is still very much in the ground. It may appear dry on the surface but there is plenty of moisture down in the soil. I am sure we will still need a good rain during April to really get them going, but the moisture will be much higher in the ground going into this season compared to the last 4 years or so. I hope to have a great season and maybe we can meet up at Two Rivers. I plan on heading out that way and hitting up some of those good spots in Eastern Nebraska/Western Iowa.
Take a look at the drought monitor at this time compared to 1 year ago. We are in much better shape going into this season and last season was still pretty good. All it will take is one good rainstorm in April and we should be booming.

Current drought conditions ~

Drought conditions this time last year ~
No offense shroomking but there are a few guys on this site that you know you can trust to give great advice. I'm not saying you can't cause you do seem very educated but when shroomwinkle or shroomanitatanka or deadbug start finding morels then it's time to go picking. Except this year cause I'm gonna be the first one to find em. LOL
Just being enthusiastic about the season. I have not been hunting as long as some of these other guys but I do know my stuff. I am determined to have a great haul this season. I am willing to spend every day hunting and travel many miles to achieve this.
Doesn't matter what you's all about having a good set of peepers 8-O
Best of luck to everyone this season, I predict the first confirmed pick will be April 15th (on this board).
Should we turn this into a prediction thread until they start poppin?
Ah yes, morel peepers are indeed important. That is something that I believe continues to improve over time. As for the first find, I am hoping by April 7th they will start popping up but I know that might be a bit early. Looks like we have some 50's and 60's in the forecast over the next 7 days. Those temperatures are actually pretty good to have going into the season. We do need a nice rainfall and some 70's but that can wait until April.
Every year I push my "expected" date earlier and earlier! Either that's due to our seasons shifting or I'm just going thru withdrawals! 50s and 60s are good because we are consistently warming without drying out the soil before we get the needed rain and higher temps. For anyone that is interested in a new no longer secret family recipe is as follows: use half Chicken In A Biscuit and half HyVee Snack Crackers. I add garlic/onion powder, lawrys and black pepper...but that additional seasoning should be added lightly and reflect personal preference. The key is the crackers! Get out of your comfort zone and try it, you will not be disappointed:!:
been a weird winter.. as long as the undergrowth doesn't get too much of a head start this weather should be good. the rain will come guys
Some nice rain this morning. Temperatures will be pretty cool until Saturday but by early next week they should be back in the 70's. I would say we should start to find them by the end of next week. They are already finding them in Kansas and Missouri. Won't be long now!
Could be some heavy rain Wednesday afternoon in the Central/Eastern part of the state. Next couple of days will be well into the 70's and Wednesday could be well into the 80's. This should really help get the ground temperatures where they need to be. Might go look Wednesday or Thursday just for the heck of it.
I would check soil temps on Thursday. South facing hills might have a few grey's this weekend. I usually give it a week in April before I go out.
Im not too far away from you Shroomking, :wink:
Going to be combing my area for any "peekers" coming up this week :)
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