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Need help for Blacks

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Where do blacks grow? What trees do they associate with? Do they prefer moist lowlands or elevation and hillsides? Iv pretty much mastered finding the big yellows around dead elms. I know ash, poplar, apple, black cherry, and aspen too. Please help a fellow shroomer get in on the early blacks! I live in central Indiana too so u won't have to worry about risking ur own hunting areas.
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Indy As for finding any kind of Morel. I have found all varieties in all kinds of woods and no woods at all.
You can find them anywhere. I have picked blacks in one spot then a week later greys then a week later yellows all in one spot and even spikes.
Don't restrict your hunting to one type of tree you will miss many mushrooms if you do.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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