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Don't be discouraged, I have been looking for years, with a mushroom here or there. This year finally I found the mother load. What a joy! Well over two pounds. Year after year I hardly found anything, it didn't matter it is a joy being out in the woods as things waken up over a long winter. This year I have found a bunch under an oak tree that blew down around zumbrota. While at lunch I look around wooded areas and have found morels right in Golden Valley walked right by them, almost stepping on them. I noticed them walking back to my vehicle, about 20 total. I plan to keep looking on my lunch hrs around the cities. There out there be patient and really cover the ground, look around trees in distress around oaks and oak leaves, trees that have blown down or dead and decaying trees and when you find one, stop and scan all around before leaving there is most likely a few more around. Carefully move brush and debris to look in hiding places. An old mushroom man once told me " you won't find any morels, until you find one" there is a lot of truth to that quote!

Good luck!
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