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new here Hi all

Discussion in 'Maryland' started by fishgirl, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. fishgirl

    fishgirl Young Morel

    hey everybody, I found this great site while in my internet studies.I live central todc and baltimore and hope to hunt into WVa and Pa.
    Im a marine biologist with a passion for all things , currently, mushrooms,hoping to put that mircobio course in college to good use. im looking to learn medicinal species.
    if anyoneever wants a walking partner, or to come check out some new areas with me, u know where to find me
  2. irishmusic

    irishmusic Young Morel

    you may want to look at the Facebook groups - maryland mushrooms; wild mushroomhunting; the mushroom identification group, foragers unite, etc.

    It is early, unless you are in the south (georgia) for morels. There is also a morel fb group - western maryland morels.
    When the weather gets warmer, I will take you out - best to go with someone who knows.

    Denise Whitman

  3. hunter

    hunter Young Morel

    if your interested in going I have already found a couple soon as the weather comes around. I live in washington county
  4. entheogen

    entheogen Young Morel

    Hi there.

    I started hunting mushrooms in the fall of 2014 and have yet to find a spot for morels.

    I would love to go out with you guys sometime this Spring.