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Hello Steelheader -

I moved here from MN, and I was able to find them there, but I'm having trouble here. I've done my reading on this site and searched the Internet for more info. I've been out a few times within the last week. I've searched southern Berks and Northern Bucks.

Maybe I'm just too far north right now?

I'm in Philadelphia - UCity. Maybe I should be searching here in Philadelphia County?or Delaware?

I've had some good hikes 5+ hours each, but it gets a little frustrating not knowing if they are just not up? or you're looking in the wrong area. I feel some of the ground looked super prime for hunting.

I'm going to take your advice and look for some tulip poplars around here. I normally seek out Elms. (frequently found in MN).

Thanks for the post.

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