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Hello new pickers. This site helped me 10 years ago so I feel I should give back. The most important thing in finding morels is tree identification. They only grow under certain trees. I live in SE Pa, so I look for tulip poplars. They are everywhere. Morels love tulip poplars. There are several other types of trees. Do your research! Next is the right time of year. Its different every year. Usually from March to May. There are too many factors to name. But its about when the day temp is above 60 and the night is above 40. Too cold or too hot means no shrooms. Last week I found 3 total. Yesturday, I found 50. Tis the season right now. Im no expert, ive only been doing this for 10 years. Every year is different. Be persistant. Some of my hot spots change every year. Oh one last thing, don\'t pull them out. Cut them below the caps. The stems taste bad anyway. You will destroy future growth. Happy hunting!
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Ok I've eaten many different kinds of mushrooms but I can never find morels. I know my tree species and have tons of property to hunt for them. But I can never find any here in Dubois area.
Thanks I will check them places out will you most often find them around tulip populars or are their other trees.
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