New(ish) in the Milwaukee area

Discussion in 'Wisconsin' started by ollie, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. ollie

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    Hi all, I've been casually foraging for years and decided to put a bit more effort into morels this year. I'll be scouting lots of areas as soon as morel season kicks in. I know nobody's going to give up their sweet spot but any general location tips would be much appreciated. (specific location tips will be richly rewarded in the afterlife)
  2. springpicken

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    Hey I also am in the Milwaukee area and have been out a bit already.... Lilacs not in bloom yet but dandelions are up. Kettle Merain Park can hold some muchrooms, but HWY 94 is going to be your best friend. I typically hunt the La Crosse area and haven't completed a complete season in Milwaukee area.... YET this year I will be doing all of my hunting in Milwaukee county if all goes well.

  3. pdx_dave

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    Hey guys,
    I'm a fellow forager new to the Wisconsin area and looking for others to go out to the woods with to explore and hunt for mushrooms!

    I just recently moved to Milwaukee from Portland, OR where I have been hunting mushrooms for years. One of my favorite past times is bushwhacking for mushrooms.

    Anyways I'm not looking for anyone to share their secret spot, but if anyone is looking for a foraging partner I would love to join up for a jaunt in the woods. Any tips, general locations, would also be greatly appreciated.

    Shoot me an e-mail or txt if u wanna go do some foraging!