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had trouble getting on the site I had to re register anybody else have trouble
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Hey Saratoga man...Do you know much about the Blewits?? I am dying to eat some and I do believe I got them here in my neck of NY--down near Poughkeepsie. Help me out if you can or if you know anyone who can help!

Thanks, Imashroomer
I have found them in the saratoga area. You have to be careful starting out with them since they do have some nasty look a likes. I would do a spore print with those. If they are a nice lilac color throughout and very crowded gills break one open and give it a good sniff. They should have a great citrus smell. I have seen some look a likes in the area as well but they tend to have spaced gills and smell more mushroomy. The spore print will be your best identifier. The look a likes that I know of have a brown spore print and the blewitts should have a very light one. If you are dealing with blewitts that arnt lilac there are more look a likes to watch out for but I am not so familiar with those.
Hi guys(and gals:),
Lots of fungus out, not much of it edible though. Been finding lots of slippery jacks and a few king boletes, some small hereciums(lions mane) 5 days ago, also some "fall oysters". Sort of a tough brown oyster with a shorter stem, actually not a pleurotus species, (I think paxillus species) but an edible look alike and not worth eating much, but I put it in soup broth. It's been POURING here and it's supposed to stay warmish so hopefully the season will go a bit longer. Anyone collect medicinals? I pick CHaga (innonotus obliquous), Artist chonk and Reishi (both Ganoderma), some of these can be picked all year.
BE carefull with blewit look alikes, i've been finding lots, avoid brown spore prints! It has deadly look alikes namely galerina and others as well, some with vaguely pinkish spores at times!
@imashroomer, I have eaten blewits for several years and harvested purple gilled lacarius once thinking they were blewits. Luckily they are edible, not choice but I threw them out. The corts are your worst enemy. Courtesy of pedro here in Ohio, use these references and consult a skilled and experienced hunter until you have a few harvests uner your belt......

And I will add...
Beware of....
One species closely resembles, grows in the same medium, and may be side by side with blewits.

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