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New to the area

Discussion in 'Iowa' started by cook71881, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. cook71881

    cook71881 Young Morel

    Hello me and the family are new to Iowa from michigan and was wondering when do the morels start poping around here? We live in the Quad Cities and guessing by the weather we were going to start looking next week does that sound right for the area?
  2. mushmouth86

    mushmouth86 Young Morel

    Iowa Morels tend to pop up a week or two after the first frost. Some say the best time to start looking is tax day, which is April 15. I would say the apr 20-Jun-05 is the best time to look. In the Quad Cities though it's hard to say, that's more eastern Iowa, and I'm in Central Iowa right near the state capital. I find them here April 20-May-31st. Always check the soil temps, and the forecast. Usually after five days of 65-70 degree weather with no frost is the best time to go, and with the Mississippi river right there shouldn't be to hard. Good luck and welcome to Iowa.