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Discussion in 'Wisconsin' started by rkinder, May 6, 2015.

  1. rkinder

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    I'm currently living in Ashland, WI. I just came up here last week from WV. I am an avid mushroom hunter back home and can find them there. This is a completely different ball game here. The terrain, vegetation and several other factors have left me clueless on how to find them here. have yet to start looking in the area. Just looking for some helpful hints on what areas of Northern Wisconsin to look in!
  2. freeflow581

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    I have found a few up that way but I'm much more successful south. All of the mushroom hunters I know up that way they swear that they just check poplar groves

  3. buckthornman

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    Look for elms boys. Misinformation is the best way to keep you away!!!
  4. collegechick

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    Hey rkinder! I can relate - we just moved to Ashland last year from SE WI and the game is totally different up here. My husband accidentally found some over the weekend while he was out hunting for asparagus - didn't find any signs of asparagus (new or last year's), but scored a couple dozen shrooms!!! He couldn't see any of the "signs" we went by down south - no elms, no fruit trees...just poplars and pines...maybe those are the "right" up north trees... But now it's time to do some serious hunting - just hope the freeze tonite won't take its toll!!!
  5. sol

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    heading up this week to search. White pine/poplar is a good combination in southern Indiana so it could possibly be up there also. White ash or any stand of young ash can also be a good starting point. There are some elms around bayfield and washburn areas. I am assuming the areas your husband was searching asparagus were wash/drainage areas. I would go back and look at the specific vegetation and appearance of the area they were found and try to find the same type area in other locations.