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Hey Newbie! Welcome to the awesome world of shrooms! I agree with ScottC about the book, but any good, ALIVE, experienced shroomer will tell you the only true way to ID any shroom is by looking at the SPORE PRINT for shape, size, color and texture of that particular shroom. Every mushroom has a unique "fingerprint" thru its spore... I can also suggest that you CROSS-REFERENCE your books. I have over 10 books and some give great photos of young and mature specimens, as well as a mushroom cut in half, which can be very useful for telling e.g., True Morels vs. False Morels apart! Finally, get a good mentor. It is always fabulous to have another set of knowlegeable eyes to look at and share your experiences, especially when you find a great shroom to eat!!!

I hope this helps. HAVE FUN!!
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