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Night Vision mushroom hunting?

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I'm new to the site and until about 2 years ago didn't even know what morels were. I really haven't found many but I look as much as I can(I live in pacific near 6 Flags). I plan on looking a lot this year was looking for a unfair advantage.

I have a nice set of 3rd gen night vision goggles was wondering if that with a light source such as uv would make them pop.

Or if any light source color(blue,red,yellow,uv,ir) would help l. Thanks!!
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I heard the night morels taste that true?? lol
Hey you too Mitch.....hope you have a stellar season!!!!!!
And hope all you other shroomers have a great year!!
I'll go out on a limb and guess that the season will be a little late this year :)
I just meant a week late to the normal in Missouri......just a guess by the cold fronts that keep coming down.The weather people keep adjusting the long rangers to accommodate the cooler than normal conditions.Just a hunch :)
Last year was a freak year,I found my biggest haul on the 29th of March here in KC north(big golds).In my past experience I've never found mushrooms in March,I know a few people do in my area but they are thumbnail greys.
There are no reports in Missouri that I'm aware of,Oklahomah is just starting.
April 6-10th is calling for the lows in the thirties which will halt all growth.I know how accurate the extended forcast is(not very),but this change in weather patterns......... to cool and wet seems to be pretty persistant so far.
Anywho...only time will tell and I hope it is a good season and that you find big gobs Super Picker and Shroom-man!!!!!!!!
Hang in there Shroom-man......not too long now!!!!!!!'s a late year already.Normally we'd be getting reports of southern Missouri finds.Then with this next cool-down will delay a little more.Just like I predicted Super Picker!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!
I meant alot of southern missouri finds...not just one or two :)
I found a baby grey in KC today....they come in the river bottoms first :) Cold trip in the boat and it was SNOWING!!!
1 - 12 of 36 Posts
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