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Night Vision mushroom hunting?

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I'm new to the site and until about 2 years ago didn't even know what morels were. I really haven't found many but I look as much as I can(I live in pacific near 6 Flags). I plan on looking a lot this year was looking for a unfair advantage.

I have a nice set of 3rd gen night vision goggles was wondering if that with a light source such as uv would make them pop.

Or if any light source color(blue,red,yellow,uv,ir) would help l. Thanks!!
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Are you in Kansas City then KC RM Hunter? I live in Cameron, MO and I am getting impatient. I think you are right though, it looks like it is going to be a late season. Last year was great, I was finding them by mid march, but at this rate they may not be out for another 3 weeks.

Has anyone found anything in MO yet??
Yes that is a nice looking bunch! You guys have my mouth watering already. My wife thinks that I am crazy because I can't get mushrooms off my mind. Can't help it though. I start dreamin' about the next season as soon as they dry up. I just hope we don't have a short season this year. Last year was so weird. The very last bunch I found was the third week in April. After that no more rain, til it was too hot. Pray for rain and good temps! I want to find them til June :)

BTW is there a support group for mushroom-aholics? Cuz I think I need one. I think I'm getting the shakes.
I am okay with late. Well not really, just don't have a choice. It is really gonna suck if it gets hot on us soon though. Have there been many finds in MO yet?

Been out a few times over the last week, but no luck. Everything still looks really brown. Thought maybe the rain would green it up, but perhaps the ground temp is still too low. I did see some reports for KC area. Have you been looking yet KC Hunter? Also where should I look to find early spots. I have some pretty decent mid season spots (picked almost 200 last year). Have always have a lot of trouble finding that first one. Usually takes me a week after all of my buddies have found theirs. Where do they come up first??
1 - 3 of 36 Posts
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