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North Central Indiana

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A guy real near me claims to have found 20+ shrooms this past monday in this area, so i'm going out this weekend. It seems early, but why not.
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I hunt just north of Muncie and I didn't find anything 2 days ago. I'm planning on looking again this weekend too.
Jeff, where are you located. I'm in kokomo and hav been watchn a spot of mine that has 40-50 but are all real small the biggest of em are 2.5 inches today. They didn't grow any from mon to Wednesday but after a little sun today thu are showing a decent growth so I'm thinkn fri thru sun is gonna be out real start here.
Hi, I live on Lake Freeman in Monticello just at the Edge of Carroll and White Co. I went out this morning and did not see any. If anyone has a good idea of when they think they'll be up in this area
, I'd love to know, Thanks!
Checked yesterday for about 30 min. Nothing. Waiting on the lilac in my front yard to bloom.
hey guys im just north of you... small grays under my apple trees, yey
I just tried to upload a picture of a small batch of Grays to the forum. If I click on the X, it works for me. See if you can open the image. Doug
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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