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North of Hastings

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I have been out a couple of time and haven't seen anything in years past I have been find them around the 15th of April even last year!
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Went out this mornin and checked hot spots found nothing yet will check after rain this weekend.
I got on the US weather service website and looked back over the past 7 days to check precip in the Kearney/Hastings area and I see that it rained extremely hard showers between the towns about a week ago, did they trigger an early flush in your area around Aurora?? I am a buyer of morels (816-244-5014)and was trying to get a feel for the area from someone who lives there,any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks RJ.
RJ. if you ARE a true buyer post your price and put your add on the classifieds section where it belongs. Quit trying to find where they are finding them so you can sneak in and pic.
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