Northeast Ohio 2020

Discussion in 'Ohio' started by ksu_shroomer, Apr 8, 2020.

  1. Zabz

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    It was on an old dead fall.
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    The extended forecast has some days in the 90's next week! So, morel season is officially closed! I'm kind of hoping that the heat will give than Chants a little kick in the butt!
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  3. wade

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    This year,
    at "Ambush Pass" One of My spots I've Hunted for 55yrs.. therefore I know it so very very well.
    I Could Barely notice but ..
    I could tell a small group of 2- 3 Hunters
    Got into it ahead of us.. i was surprised to see No signs No tracks No worn down trails
    But I knew they had been in there because I could see where two vehicles had parked.
    And the 120 Big Morels we had returned for where all gone..
    Except for a few hidden ones that I've learned to look for over the decades..
    So whom ever these other hunters where..
    Similar to Myself...
    They also practiced and discipline themselves to with every step they take.
    "Leave No sign anywhere"..
    And to hide every stump...
    But @Kokomorel and Me did find a few signs where they got lazy and
    * broke a couple Mayapples
    * left a sunken impression in deep leaves
    * and two spots where their foot slipped in leaves and mud while making their way
    up a slope

    Other than all the extra Other people in the woods..We had a very close to Normal year of
    *progression, growth and Harvest
    Here.. in Monroe County Indiana
    But @funamongus kept Reporting Otherwise in his Monroe County spots saying
    * hadn't come up yet
    * timing and Dry
    * seems to have left him finding fewer
    which was quite a surprise to me..
    Because he always finds a bunch of nice ones
    Checkingin: @elmgirl & Jeremiah @celticcurl @guff76 @Robinbluebird @morelsxs and Everyone
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  4. River Birch Run

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    Found a nice bunch of them last nite on a really old log. Also found two spots with several lion's mane.