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The usual answer to "where do I look" is to find elm trees, esp. fallen, partially rotted ones. Morels seem to like the surrounding ground. I've had some luck with ash stands as well as the mixed softwoods that grow along the river areas here. Some have told me that old apple orchards are a good place to look, but I've never had luck with that advice.

The only certain advice is to keep trying -- finding the first one of the season is always hardest. It gets easier after your eye knows what to look for. Also, keep in mind that they almost never occur singly. I've yet to find a morel without a second within 10ft or so.

You're searching about 6hr south of my and a lot closer to the coast -- I'm not sure where the season is on your end of NY. You should probably look at other sections of the NY forum here to see if the local morel season is still in play. You might also get some insight from the NJ section.

Happy hunting!

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